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Bella Poarch Sex Tape Video

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Turn Off Light

The Internet is ablaze over the leaking of the sex tape video clip above which appears to feature TikTok star Bella Poarch and her rapper boyfriend Tyga naked in the shower.

Bella Poarch sexy

For those of you who are not a part of the “Zoomer” generation, Bella Poarch is a social media sensation with over 35.5 million followers on her TikTok alone.

Bella Poarch bikini ass

Despite looking like the personification of Hepatitis C, Bella has amassed her enormous following online by portraying herself as an innocent teen girl (even though she is 23). This no doubt is what attracted the rap weasel pimp Tyga to her, as he is known for his penchant for getting with girls when they are still of a halal breeding age.

In the end, this Bella sex tape is further proof that the Great Orange Sultan Trump was right in his decision to ban the TikTok app, but he did not go far enough as clearly only the arrest and stoning of all the top TikTok “content creators” can stop this Chinese scourge from destroying humanity.


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